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Taking public transportation


A.What is oil crisis
B.Problems of oil crisis
1.Increasion of oil crisis
2.Occur war
3.Economy problem

:Factors of oil crisis and how to respond to this problem
1.Increasing of personal cars
2.Encouraging to use public transportation

3.Main arguments
A.Factor of oil crisis
1.There are many factors
2.The biggest reason is increasing of own car
B.Benefits of public transportation
1.Using public transportation to solve oil crisis
2.Good things of public transportation

C.Encouraging to take public transportation
1.Government's endeavor
2.The reasons of government's endeavor

D.Opponents opinion of using public transportation
1.Problem of public transportation in economy
2.Problem of public transportation to commuter
3.Problem of publictransportation in some area

A.Thesis restatement
B.Summary benefits of public transportation
C.Summary endeavors of government
D.Summary opponents' opinions

Nowadays oil is the most important resource in our life. But we face a bad situation because of oil. Unstable oil price and its depletion causes war and many economic and political problems. So we should solve the oil problem. There are many solutions which are suggested to us but using public transportation is a good way to solve the problem, because it has lots of benefits; saves money and saves oil, etc. but to encourage people to take public transportation, government’s endeavor is also an important thing.

What do you think is the most important resource in our life? Many people think it is oil. The reason is that oil influences many parts of our life. But nowadays, we have faced on oil crisis. The oil crisis means there is an unstable oil price and its amount is depleted. And this oil crisis causes many problems in our society. The first is that the increasing oil crisis makes a hard time in our economy. Now our economy is supported by oil. So increasing oil price gives bad effects to economy. Oil has an important role in our lives, so many countries want to get much oil. But oil exists in limited areas, for example, Middle East. So other countries which don’t have oil start to make war to get oil. According to Lean, oil causes the Iraq war and this war causes the increase in oil price (para.2). And furthermore, the oil problem is connected to political problem, so sometimes it is used for political purposes.

There are many factors that cause the oil crisis. Though oil exists in limited areas, its amount becomes more limited consumption increases because of increasing of the number of personal cars. But nowadays, it is the most important factor is the increasing of personal cars. Increasing of the number of personal cars means many people use oil. So oil is being depleted now. To solve the oil problem, we should use our own cars less and try to use public transportation. So taking public transportation can be the solution to the problem.

There are many factors that cause the oil crisis; oil is spread in some areas and oil is a limited resource. And also there are many solutions to solve the problem; according to Ahmad, using public transportation will give many benefits to us ( para.9). And according to The Canberra Times, “LPG is usually less controversial than biofuels as its production is already established in Australia’s oil and natural gas field. It has relatively clean exhaust pipe emission. But it is easier to ignite in air than petrol and its storage tanks take up more space in a car” (para.17). And also, developing hydrogen and saving oil are good ways to solve the oil problems. But nowadays, the most important factor in oil crisis is increasing of the number of own car. So increasing of personal cars creates oil shortage. According to Wrobel, since 1910 the number of own car has increased so the number of own car increases 3 times in 2006 than before ( papa. 6). So it means many people become to use own cars and lots of people use much oil.

So now, there are many suggestions to solve the oil problem. But public transportation is the best way to solve the problem. The reason is that public transportation has many benefits. According to Semmens, “Reducing automobile use and encouraging public transportation is said to have other benefits as well: less traffic congestion; less air pollution and a more satisfied work force, as fewer people start the day frustrated or angry from the morning commute”(2008, para.3). And also according to Manor when we take a public transportation, we can save the our money (2007). Some people said oil’s another problem with oil is it also gives bad effects to our environment. Oil is non-renewable resource so it can’t be recycled. Finally as we use this, our environment is destroyed. So to protect our ecosystem, we should save oil and taking public transportation is good way to save oil. So many people recommend using transportation. To increase the number of people can take public transportation, we should have endeavor. Especially, the most important thing that is government’s endeavor. Now public transportation’s service and quality are very low. So many people don’t want to take a public transportation. When people use their own car or take a public transportation, they should spend the money. So some people think taking public transportation is waste their money. So government should try to increase public transportation’s quality. According to Ahmad, “These lower-cost alternatives will give us four to eight times the number of kilometers of public transportation routes compared with LRT. This means that public transportation will reach more people and more people will be encouraged to use public transportation” (2008, para.11). And in “Government to focus on public transportation”, “Treating the development of public transportation as a priority is one of the city’s long-term strategies” (2006). Now still, nations don’t know about public transportations’ benefits. So government should try to spread information about public transportation’s benefit. And they should make public transportation systems. If there is no public transportation, for example, or there are no buses or subways finally, people will choose their own car.

But not everyone agrees with public transportation. The first reason is that a public transportation’s price isn’t fair. When oil price is increased public transportation’s fee is increased. But it is a problem that even though oil price is decreased, again, transportation’s fee isn’t decreased. Finally, their price will increase continually. Many people use public transportation to save money. But unfair fee doesn’t help to people. And furthermore our public transportation’s quality is not good. But people should pay expensive money. Thus these situations make people keep to distance from a public transportation. According to Hagenbaugh, “Public transportation officials across the U.S.A say they have seen very little drop-off in passengers on buses and trains in recent weeks despite the dramatic decline in gasoline prices” (2006, para.2). So finally, public transportation doesn’t give benefit of the economy to nation, but gives the burden of their domestic. And it also has the defect that it is too massive.So it is very inconvenient to people, especially, commuters. According to Christian Science Monitor, “Dispels any kind of notion through that no one uses public transportation in Los Angeles” (2008, para.2). So for those reasons, some people say that taking public transportation has many defects; their price isn’t fair so they can’t encourage to save money, it is too crowded to commute every morning and some areas’ transportation. So for those grounds, some people sayl that using public transportation isn’t a good way.


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(Final Practice) Legalization of marijuana

The bigger society has become, the more people have come to live in urban areas. Urban areas have benefits which are convenience and that everything is fast. But these situations aren't always good. Under these surroundings, people get lots of stress easily, so they try to fine something to solve their problem. Marijuana is one of the solutions, because if people take a marijuana they can forget their hard time and feel happy. But there are many side effects from marijuana. It causes problems in our society.

Marijuana has benefits to make people able to feel happy. But it provides many social problems. So we should know what problems marijuana creates for us and we have to make a policy to ban marijuana.

The first reason that we should ban marijuana is that it has a das influence on our health. According to the Institute of Medicine, we can get many diseases from taking marijuana. If we take a drug, it gives bad effects to us, for example, psychological problem. After taking marijuana, many people can feel they are in fancy. But it is a problem that people want to feel this again so they take marijuana continually and they can't control their mind without marijuana.

The second reason is that marijuana makes lots of crimes. There are many crimes that have happened from people who take the drug. They did crime under an illusion. Because drug makes people unable to control their body and mind, they can't decide whether it is bad behavior or not. So "according to a recent Time/CNN poll. 34 percent of Americans want marijuana to be totally legalized" (Roche, 2002, para.56). Thus many nations want to ban marijuana because marijuana causes many social problems and it gives effects to many people.

The third reason is that a mistake at a young age affects people's future. According to VU University Amsterdam, many people suffered from the fact that they took marijuana in their young age. That is because if they want to remove their past, they can't do it. Their body and mind are already weak and some people went to jail because of marijuana (n,d., para.1). Everyone makes mistakes but marijuana gives big trauma to us. In serious cases, some people have died because they overdosed on marijuana. But after aying, it is too late to regret our mistake. So marijuana is too dangerous to be called a mistake.

Nowadays there are many debates about legalization of marijuana. But marijuana has many problems. It causes health problems, especially psychological problems and people who take marijuana commit crime so it later, but it leaves big trauma, so it is difficult to recover. So for those reasons, especially to protect people's health and health of society, I think marijuana should be banned by law.

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Responding to oil crisis

According to the author in "Korea up against high oil prices,weak dollar", the unstable oil price had caused bad effects to many nations. And an economic slump has happened because of oil crisis. Korea had a stable economy even though it had a high oil price in 2007. But experts are concerned that Korea's economy will be unstable because of the surging oil price. So if we can't deal with high oil price, it will let an economic depression occur. There are solutions to solve the oil crisis in Korea. First is the role of government. They should do that helping efficiency use of energy and restriction using oil. And second is long term way. We should develop a new growth engine.

Oil price will seriously threaten Korea's domestic economy. But, the oil price problem influences not only the Korean economy but also the global economy. So we should solve the oil crisis.

The first solution is re-preperation of economic structure. Before, our economic structure depended on the oil industry. But we will have a seriously hard time under the oil crisis. And the oil crisis is not temporarily problem. So we have to solve its root cause. So it is a good solution to develop the renewable energy industry.

Second solution is saving oil. In Korea's case, we don't have petroleum. So its cost is very high and the change in oil price has bad effects on our economy. So for those grounds, we need to save oil. To save oil, we should take public transportation rather than our own car. And it is good for saving oil to change appliances from low-efficiency machines to high-efficiency machines. And in Seoul, which is capital city of Korea, an enterprise combines citizen organization and peopke. And they have started an energy campaign.

The third solution is realization of substitute energy. Oil is a limited resource. So we can use oil for a limited time. This means we will be unable to oil in the future. Finally, we should prepare before oil exhausted. The first substitute energy is natural gas. Natural gas will exist a few decades longer than oil.It has a problem. It also is a limited resource, so it only can be a short term solution. So many experts suggest this energy. It is hydrogen. Many people like it to solve the oil crisis. because it is nice, clean and efficient. It doesn't let out pollutant substances. And we also can get it easily. Furthermore, it has more benefits than defects. So for those benefits, Japanese scientists have been studying about hydrogen cars. They succeeded in their investigation. The hydrogen car in Japan can drive 1 hour with 1 liter of water. Its speed is 80km/h.

Oil price affects the Korean economy. But it also influences the world's economy. It is problem that the high oil price has bad effects. So for those reasons we should solve the oil problem. There are 3 solutions. First is re-preparation of economic structure. We should change our economic system from oil-dependent economic structure to another economic structure. Second is saving oil. To save oil, we should use public transportation and using high-efficiency appliances. Third is development of substitute energy. There are good substitute energies, which are natural gas and hydrogen.

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Solution that solve oil crisis

According to the author in "Oil price and depletion", the unstable situation of the oil price is connected to political problems. And also the author mentioned many countries as examples; for example, Russia, Caspian countries and U.S.A. In Russia's case, they face a shortage of food and it makes many trade problems, so finally the oil price increases. Furthermore, there is war in Caspian because of oil. And we can see that the coinciding of oil and gas shortages makes many problems in America. For a long time, oil has supported our economy, but nowadays a bad situation has been made by the oil crisis, and sometimes it is used for political purposes.

Oil affects not only our economy but also political parts. But instability of oil prices has bad effects to our life. So for those reasons, we should try to solve the oil crisis.

The first solution is that OPEC countries should provide sufficient oil. Like this article said, discord of supply and demand makes increasing of oil price. Actually, oil is motive power of economy to most POEC countries. So it is natural behavior that they use oil to politic. But they also can't deny that their wrong behavior has bad effects on the world, so it can be a solution that they increase of oil production in OPEC countries.

The second solution is to save oil. Oil is a nonrenewable resource. So it means it disappears after we use it. And also w ehave limited time to use oil, because the amount of oil is fixed. Furthermore it makes environmental problems, for example, air pollution and acid rain. Crucially, oil makes war, trouble with other countries, and economic problem. So for those reasons, we should use renewable and natural energy to save oil.

The third solution is developing substitute resources. The amount of oil is limited, so it means that someday, it will not remain on the earth. So we should prepare for our future. There are many suggetions about substitute resources; vegetable oil, fish oil, and alcohol. But hydrogen is the best substitute energy. There are many benefits, but it has few defects. It doesn't let out pollutant substances. We also can get it easily and it has efficiency. So for those benefits, many scientists study hydrogen energy and hydregen cars.

Oil is a very important thing to our lives, but it brings many problems. Especially, the oil crisis is a big problem. So we should solve oil problems. In the article, the author explains bad effects of oil depletion and crisis. Through the article, we can figure out the serious situation of the oil problem. And there are 3 solutions. The first is increasing of oil priduction of OPEC countries; it helps the consistency of supply and demand; we should save oil; and we should use reneable energy rather than using oil. And through studying about substitute resources, we can prepare for our future.

Reference :
Campbell, C.J. Oil price and Depletion. (2000, June 6). Ecosystem. Retrieved on July 7, 2008, from: http://www.

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How to solve oil crisis

According to author in "Oil:A global crisis", factors of the Iraq war result in the oil crisis. Experts said the oil price won't level off and its price has been increased six times since 2002. So for those increasing of oil price caused the Iraq war to occur. And in many experts' views, oil crisis makes many problems. First is the increasing of dissatisfied consumers, because the oil price will not be stable because of oil crisis. And second is oil price collapse. Oil price becomes like a trash in some countries that don't have oil, but in OPEC countries, they can get lots of cash. And third if that oil price soars, because decreasing production makes oil price soar.

Oil is a very important factor in our lives, so its crisis brings many problems; war occurs, and it influences out life. So we should try to solve oil crisis.

The first solution is increasing production of oil in OPEC countries. The root reason of the oil price problem is insufficient oil in the world. The U.S.A wants to get more oil, so war is occuring now. Supply is short but demand is increasing now. So this situation makes oil price instable.

Second solution is using fuel energy less than now. Actually we waste fuel energy. But it causes depletion of our resources. Furthermore, oil is nonrenewable energy. So wasting oil creates a situation that increases oil price. To save oil, for example, we should take public transportation like bus and subway. Especially, bicycles are the best to solve the problem, because they don't require oil.

Third solution is developing substitute energy. It is better to use renewable energy than oil. Especially, hydrogen is the best substitution energy, because it has many benefits but it has hardly any defects. First of all, it can give stability to the global economy, because our economy is affected by oil price. But it exists all over the world. So we don't have to fight to get oil, and our economy can become stable. And it can't make an environmental problem. Actually oil creates many environmental problems. But hydrogen is natural energy, so in the end it doesn't cause an environmental problem and can stop the war over oil.

Nowadays the oil crisis is a global problem and it makes many problems. For example, it increases the dissatisfied consumers by increasing the oil price. Especially, it is a very big problem the Iraq war. So we should solve the oil crisis. There are 3 solutions; increasing of oil production in OPEC countries, not wasting energy and development of substitute energy.

Murray, J. (2008, May 25). Oil: A global crisis. The Independent. Retrieved on July 1, 2008, http:// www.

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Research Paper

Importance of krill

Jihye Park
EAP 2 (B)
June 18, 2008

The topic of this paper is importance of krill. It argues about whether global warming, which is the cause of decreasing of krill, is an important problem or not. First of all, I deal with solutions. There are two causes of global warming and three solutions of global warming. First is individual endeavor and second is government endeavor. And last is ban of intensive fishing. I'll introduce opponents of protecting krill and then I'll argue this opinion. Last, it is conclusion. I'll summarize my thesis.

Importance of krill
A.What is krill?
B.Importance of krill
1.Reasons of decreasing of krill
2.Problems of decreasing of krill
3.Results of decreasing of krill
A.Krill is important in our ecosystem and solutions to solve problem that
how to protect them.
1.Individuals endeavor to solve this problem.
2.Government endeavor to solve this problem
3.Main arguments
A.To solve global warming by individuals endeavor
1.Global warming is made by human industry
2.We have a responsibility to solve problem
3.Ways that how to solve global warming by individual endeavor
B.To solve global warming by government endeavor
1.Global warming can’t be solved only individual endeavor
2.Importance of government participation and other countries participation
C.To solve over fishing problem
1.Krill is useful in our life
2.Increasing of demand of krill
3.We need a policy to ban intensive fishing
D.Opponents of protecting of krill
1.Some people claim that cost is too expensive
2.Some people say that global warming isn’t big problem
3.Arguments of these opinions
A.Thesis restatement
B.Summary ways that how to protect krill
C.Summary opponent’s opinion and my arguments

They are tiny but live in massive underwater swarms. They make salmon flesh red. Humpback whales eat them by the ton. They are shrimp-like creatures “that scientists say are the ocean’s fundamental food source” (CBS News, 2006). “And since krill are a vital part of the aquatic food chain-they are the diet of everything from fish and seabirds to giant baleen whales” (CBS News, 2006). In this way, krill plays an important role in the ecosystem. But it is a big problem that the number of krill is decreasing, nowadays.

So there are many problems. The first is it that damages our ecosystem. And krill can remove carbon dioxide from the ocean, so if krill is decreasing, carbon dioxide will increase in the world. And there are two reasons they are decreasing. First is global warming, because their habitat is in the Antarctic, but the melting of ice because of warming disturbs their habitat. And second is intensive fishing. Krill’s demand is increasing now, so many people are fishing them; as a result the number of krill is decreasing.

Krill plays an important role in our ecosystem. So we shouldn’t ignore decreasing of krill, and we should try to find a solution to solve the problem. “Mankind has the power to destroy the planet; we have the power to save it” (Sharing the planet, 2007). To solve the problem of global warming, first of all, we need an individual endeavor, for example, turn your lights off, “turn your lights off, turn your T.V. off, walk to the shop, and buy a greener car” (Waller, 2007). And there are 5 detailed ways. First is to act collectively; acting individually is not enough to solve this problem of global warming. The reason is global warming is too big and global a problem to solve with individual endeavor. “We must bring pressure to bear on power holders and decision makers in government to promptly and decisively act on the national and international levels to curb greenhouse gas emissions” (Sharing the planet, 2007). And second is “keep your car inflated. Check them monthly. Save 250 lbs. of carbon dioxide and $840 per year” (Sharing the planet, 2007). Third is use recycled paper; “make sure your printer paper is 100% post consumer recycled paper. Save 5 lbs. of carbon dioxide per ream of paper” (Sharing the planet, 2007). Fourth is buy products locally; “buy locally and reduce the amount of energy required to drive your products to your store. The consumable products we all purchase represent over half of the average family’s carbon footprint! “(Sharing the planet, 2007). Last is buy a fuel efficient car; by buying an efficient car, we can save money and save many resources.

To solve the problem of global warming, we need not only individual endeavor but also government endeavor. So we need our government’s participation; for example, “implement emergency laws, use the power of the media to influence those who are not aware or are too stubborn or selfish to do anything about it” (Waller, 2007). And also government should accept experts’ opinion to solve global warming and keep krill. The first which is one popular geoengineering scenario, is to create an artificial volcano. Thomas Wigley, an expert on climate change based at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colo., has created computer simulations that replicate the 1991 “Mount Pitnatubo effect – a temporary cooling period created by the launch of 20 million tons of sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere” (Trivedi, 2008). And “another plan is to create artificial trees that extract carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere” (Trivedi, 2008).
“Our concern is that a targeted krill fishery would threaten the health of the region’s fishing economy and culture” (CBS News, 2006). So we should protect krill from overfishing. To keep from intensive fishing, the role of government and the participation of other countries are important because it is global problem. “The Pacific Fishery Management Council, an advisory board to the Nation Marine Fisheries Service, approved the krill harvest ban” (CBS News, 2006). And also now that “the council has proposed a federal ban, Ben Entricknap, a spokesman for the environment group Oceana, said they’ll move to extend the ban to all U.S. water”(CBS News, 2006).

Opponents of protecting krill say that it is not effective because of the cost of keeping them is too expensive. So Driscoll said “main problem is that cost of limiting greenhouse gas emission could be much higher than the costs of phasing out CFCs, for developed and developing countries alike” (1997). But the most important thing is keeping krill and preventing global warming. Because the continuance of global warming makes a bigger problem than they imagine, we should solve this problem now. And also we don’t have to worry about cost. According to this article, “costs of reducing emission will decline with technology advances in areas such as renewable energy” (Driscoll, 1997).

It looks like a little problem that krill is decreasing. But, it causes many problems; it damages our ecosystem and threatens human life. So we should know the cause of decreasing of krill and try to keep krill. For those reasons, we should protect global warming, because global warming makes a decrease of krill. To prevent global warming should prohibit intensive fishing because overfishing is causing the decreasing of krill. To prevent global warming, individual, government and other countries’ endeavor are very important. Opponents of krill keeping krill say that global warming isn’t big problem and protecting krill is too expensive. But krill is important in the ecosystem and human life, so we should keep and protect them.
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Don't use chatting in class

Nowadays, Internet is famailar to many pelople. Especially, people use internet chatting. Through the chatting, we can get many friends and get information. "A recent survey by the College Board and Pew Internet and American Life Project, most students say it's important to know how to write well, but a majority also said that internet- style language -including abbreviations and emoticons - is making its way into their classwork" (Weeks, 2008). In this way, Internet, especially chatting, has a problem; many students use slang in class.

Through using chatting, we can many benefits. But it also has a problem; for example, it disturbs our language. So thinking about using chatting in class isn't good.

As Internet developed, we have become to use chatting. Through chatting, we make trend words. These words are very simple and comfortable, but it is a problem that students use these words in their class. Lee says, "Some teachers find the new writing style alarming. First of all, it's very rude, and it's very careless, said Louis Moran, a middle school English teacher at St. Nicholas School in Jersey City" (Lee, 2008). Like this, chatting has a problem, so if we use chatting in class it makes students use more Internet words; In the end, our organization of grammar is disturbed.

"Through chatting, integrating that in EFL/ESL can be powerfully motivationg and bring enormous excitement to what is generally a difficult process - learning a language" (Almeida d'Eca, 2003). Because people who use English as a second language can use English every day through chatting, their ability os English will improve. But, in foreign students' case, most them came to U.S to study correct English. And the role of school is offering rightful doesn't education. So if chatting is used in class and students use Internet words, it isn't suit their purpose or the role of school.

Chatting has many benefits; we can impove our English ability. It is especially good for people who are taking ESL class and for making new word; it allows us to be able to get many friends. But even though it has benefits, we shouldn't use chatting in class, because chatting words disturb our grammar system and offer slang to students.

Reference :
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