Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Don't use chatting in class

Nowadays, Internet is famailar to many pelople. Especially, people use internet chatting. Through the chatting, we can get many friends and get information. "A recent survey by the College Board and Pew Internet and American Life Project, most students say it's important to know how to write well, but a majority also said that internet- style language -including abbreviations and emoticons - is making its way into their classwork" (Weeks, 2008). In this way, Internet, especially chatting, has a problem; many students use slang in class.

Through using chatting, we can many benefits. But it also has a problem; for example, it disturbs our language. So thinking about using chatting in class isn't good.

As Internet developed, we have become to use chatting. Through chatting, we make trend words. These words are very simple and comfortable, but it is a problem that students use these words in their class. Lee says, "Some teachers find the new writing style alarming. First of all, it's very rude, and it's very careless, said Louis Moran, a middle school English teacher at St. Nicholas School in Jersey City" (Lee, 2008). Like this, chatting has a problem, so if we use chatting in class it makes students use more Internet words; In the end, our organization of grammar is disturbed.

"Through chatting, integrating that in EFL/ESL can be powerfully motivationg and bring enormous excitement to what is generally a difficult process - learning a language" (Almeida d'Eca, 2003). Because people who use English as a second language can use English every day through chatting, their ability os English will improve. But, in foreign students' case, most them came to U.S to study correct English. And the role of school is offering rightful doesn't education. So if chatting is used in class and students use Internet words, it isn't suit their purpose or the role of school.

Chatting has many benefits; we can impove our English ability. It is especially good for people who are taking ESL class and for making new word; it allows us to be able to get many friends. But even though it has benefits, we shouldn't use chatting in class, because chatting words disturb our grammar system and offer slang to students.

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